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We verify your boxes and packs so you can have peace of mind in the validity of your collection.

Be Reputable

Convey Value

Collect Professionally

Get The Verification You Deserve For Your Boxes, Packs, and Collection

When it comes to sealed boxes and packs, there was no way of knowing whether your collection is real and authentic. This can leave many collectors afraid of wasting their money, doubtful in what they have and hesitant to buy anything. Collectors like you deserve to know their collection has been verified.

Many collectors face problems such as...

  • Being scammed into a valueless item.
  • Haggled for a lower price because their item is not verified.
  • Uncertain if their collection is authentic.
  • Losing value by unsealing their box.
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Be A Reputable Collector.

Video Verification That Makes You Confident.

A Verified Collection To Be Proud Of.

Trust & Peace Of Mind In Your Investment.

Verifying Your Collection Should Be Easier

Here's how it works.

Step 1. Ship Your Order

Complete the order form and ship your boxes and packs to us.

Step 2. Verify Your Order

We weigh, examine, and video document the verification process of your boxes and packs. Then the item is resealed with TCG Verified's tamper proof method.

Step 3. Display Your TCG Verified Collectibles

We ship your verified collectibles back to you for display in your collection or to potential buyers.

You Should Be Confident In The Collectibles You Are Buying and Selling

Dealing in rare boxes and packs can be an exciting hobby and investment. Better understanding the value and validity of your collection can reduce uncertainty when it comes to sealed items. There are many scammers out there trying to make money off of you or devaluing what you have.

We understand how scary being ripped off can be and that you want to know the boxes and packs have been verified before buying. Verifying your boxes and packs before selling increases their reputability so you can get the most out of your transaction.

Being buyers and sellers, we understand the fear and anxiety when it comes to dealing in rare boxes and packs. Having been involved in transactions of potentially valueless items, and the stress caused determining their validity, we appreciate the importance of officially verifying your collectibles.

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